Grand Opening Invitation

May 11 2015

I have thought and thought about this opportunity to write for the Listserve several times. Each time I thought I would write something long and touching. Not necessarily profound, but maybe a story or a piece of writing I have locked away on my computer. I used to be a writer, or at least I wanted to be. Now it feels like a life I never lived.

But, of course, I win the lottery at the worst time, the busiest time of my life. For the past two years I have been planning and building a restaurant. By no means should it have taken this long, but it has. The lottery win didn’t come two years ago, a year ago, or even last week when I was waiting for construction to end. No, it has come today, when construction is finally complete, and I have finally passed all three required inspections. It means that I can announce my Grand Opening date today. It means that I have so much more work to do.

So I part with an invitation to my Grand Opening event. If you live in the Bay Area and love fantastic chocolate cakes, stop by The Prolific Oven in downtown Sunnyvale on Tuesday, May 12th. We’ll be giving away free cake!

I must admit I don’t read every Listserve email, and I haven’t enjoyed reading all the ones I have read. But every once in a while an email will touch me in a way that I never thought an email – words on my screen – from a strange, no less – could. So, thanks Alvin Chang, my friend and co-founder of The Listserve, for creating something cool. You’re amazing!

Bay Area, CA

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