Blogging for Profit Pt. 3

May 03 2015

Part 1 - Pick your passion
Part 2 - Keyword Research

Part 3 - Creating Content
Now that you have Picked Your Passions and Discovered what people are searching for online – it is time to create content!

When you are writing content for your blog, this is your time to shine! This is when you get share your passions, visions and knowledge with the world. Let people know who you are!

2 Purposes of Content
1 - Give Value
2 - Be Entertaining

People pay hundreds of dollars a year to go the movies to be entertained and thousands of dollars a year to go to college to get the value of education. These are 2 example, but people spend $100,000s on these 2 things alone.

Keep in Mind - If you did your keyword research correctly, People are searching the internet for the information you are providing.
If you can provide people valuable information in way they find entertaining - you are all but guaranteed to make money!!

2 Hidden Purposes of Creating Content
#1) To get traffic! Without traffic your blog will not succeed. You need to learn to write your blog posts in a way that not only attract readers but also rank in search engines so your site can be found.
You will learn more about these techniques in our products.

#2) Call to Actions!
Your blog uses your creativity, wit and teaching skills to disguise the fact that your blog is really just one big ‘Call to Action’ - Directing people who read your blog to take a next step.

It may be:
- Joining your email list
- Watching a presentation
- Buying something.

You want people to do something after reading your blog. It might even be changing their diet. But you want people to take some sort of action. With Blogging For Profit - you goal is to get people into the buying process or to help them move through the buying process. You will learn more about Call to Actions through out our products.

Creating money on the internet is a 3 step process
1 – Create Quality Content
2 – Getting Traffic
3 – Making sales

That is the basis this whole system is founded.
I used to struggle in home business - showing up to Hotel Meetings, trying to pitch my friends and family the newest Juice or Vitamins. (anyone been there?) I always knew I could succeed if I could find people who were interested in what I was selling.
Blogging solved all this! Not only could I ditch the crappy products, but I could build an endless stream of traffic and leads. All while doing things I enjoy!
I get to blog about things I am interested in and that is how I make money!Pretty sweet system, huh?

As you go through the products, you are going to learn all the skills you need for Content Creation and building strong Call to Actions. But right now - Starting blogging. Take action. Don’t wait until you know everything. Get going now and start building your business. Taking action is the only way to start make money now!

See you in the next lesson!

Part 4- Syndicate your blog & Social Media
Part 5 - Being part of a community
Part 6 - Bringing it all together

Want to know the rest about Blogging for Profit? Contact me!

Daniel Jay
[email protected]
Minnesota, USA

PS - I seriously love talking to business minded entrepreneurs. I love thinking of new ideas and creating new things. Don’t believe me? Google: Fish Funeral Kit - Yeah, I created that!

PSS - You read this far, you are clearly interested, don’t be a wuss and email me!

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