April 28 2015

This was the single word response of Anthony McAuliffe sent to the Germans’ ultimatum for surrender.


There was a clown, I forget his name, but he once said that to be entertaining, you must be interested, not interesting. So long as someone has a passion or an eagerness for something, even the most mundane things come alive!

Words. Auto-Antonyms are words that can act as opposites of themselves. Fast: can be to move quickly, or can be used as an adverb “To hold fast” means to not move.

Silly competitions. I took 6th place in the North American Wife Carrying Championship. It took me and my “wife” 19 hours of driving, rush hours in New York, Philadelphia and DC, my car’s water pump, and a house fire to get there and back. I competed in the World Stone Skimming Competition on Easdale Island in Scotland. It took me two attempts to get to it, and I nearly missed it the second time if I hadn’t had amazing luck hitchhiking. Next on my list is the Woolly Worm festival in North Carolina I’ll go to one day… They’re all so silly and wonderful.

Puzzle Hunts. I am currently planning my most cunning and amazing Puzzle hunt Yet! It’s going to have Payphones, Reverse-Geo Caches, Hollow books, and an exciting plot. This is possibly my greatest passion; I once cut a bowling ball in half with a hand saw to hide a clue. I collected acorns outside of a tattoo parlor, painted them, and put them into a moonshine jug to create another clue. Tell me of your puzzles and scavenger hunt adventures!

Puss in Boots. Do you know the story of Puss in Boots? No? No need to read it. That’s the whole point: What you imagine it to be, if you believe it enough, it will be come true. Lie your way into a truth. I believe that people can transform themselves, so it must be true.

Time. Many of the days of the week are named after visible celestial bodies. Moon-day, Sun-Day, Saturn-day. It’s easy to see in Spanish as well: Llunes. Meircoles. Thor’s Day, however, is another story… How months got their names is wonderful as well!

Time-space. I studied physics and philosophy at the University of Virginia so That I might be able to better understand the world. Time Dilation, Relativity, and any Modern Physics or Astronomy is beautiful and amazing…

And all the people around me. People are deeply interesting, full of detail and character; I have to appreciate all those whom help create this rich and beautiful world.

To have a better understanding of something is to appreciate it more.

What sparks your life? Do any of these topics fascinate you?

[I’m originally from a small 700 person town in Wyoming. I Moved away to explore the world. Found rent to be a waste of time, and decided to not pay it for one year. That year turned into four, and I did what traveling I was able and took what jobs I could: Australian wooden bridge inspector, Texas Museum exhibit creator, unicycle instructor. I’m going to Portland State this Fall to get my Masters of Education to teach Physics and Special Education. If you have any helpful material or advice, please contact me. My dreams are to Sail! Anywhere. And to work in Antarctica. Let me know if you know about either of those.

Movies: The Brothers Bloom, The Fall
Music: A House A Home- Alialujah Choir, You go Down Smooth- Lake Street Drive, Roll the Bones- Shakey Graves.]

Philip (onion) Clark
[email protected]
Eugene, OR

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