April 18 2015

First off all of you do me a favor and listen to a band that I donate my time to because i believe in them. All it takes to launch a career is the right person to listen at the right time. They run their band like a business but do it for the art.
They are getting play on Live 105 and quite frankly deserve the recognition!

Type into google: Wild Imaginaries little weight (spacebrother remix), then Wild Imaginaries Carousels

I am really glad I won this today. This has been the last three weeks of ups and downs. I was PIP'd at work but I managed to not get axed but forced my work to give me a demotion because it looked very suspect they wanted to lay me off right before my baby's due date. I have started baby classes for my second child. First one is a girl named Gracie and the second is a boy who is coming June 15th. Any names you guys recommend?

I am 34 married and grew up in San Ramon Ca. I didn't go to IVY league I actually failed out of college and went back as an adult and graduated last year with a business degree from a Cal State CSUEB. Yes kids you can fail and get back in! My passion is the music industry but it is very hard to get a family sustaining wage while working in it.

So here I am at work demoted but stronger because of it. The clarity a jarring change can have on your life is immense. My family and my kids are all that matter. Not what job or how much money I have.
Anyone looking to hire me? I can send you my resume. :)

Anyway here is a glimpse of my daily distractions:

Daily Emails:
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Reddit dot com specifically pettyrevenge and wearethemusicmakers
Spotify dot com because the mp3 is dead

Anyway send me anything you want... I would love to hear your story and the music you love!

Peter Avery
Concord Ca

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