A present for you

April 15 2015

Hi there,
Thanks in advance for reading this! Thank you to Aaron for introducing me to the Listserve and to the Listserve for letting me write to you all :)

A story
It's late Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in front of the mural I have been painting for the last two days. The sun is streaming in from the widows to the west and I am listening to Mark Farina - Dream Machine. The mural is one large square wall and mostly abstract shapes - like an Arshile Gorky painting. Before I started, I was trying to describe to my friend how I felt about the mural - "it's like how you feel right before performing if you're a musician or before playing a game if you're an athlete... it's emotional. It's gonna get tough in there if the wall doesn't agree with me, I'll have to work through the challenges until it's where it feels right."

A request
I'd like to use this opportunity to reach out to the thousands of readers here for some help. Do you have friends or relatives with a physical disability who work from home? I'd love to hear your stories and/or advice on what's possible and what's available. I constantly feel guilty that I don't do enough to try to help my relative by providing more support and more opportunities, and so I super especially appreciate it if you reply with your thoughts.

A present for you
Lastly, I recently started this project where I make lots of tiny collages and tiny paintings (like 2" x 3") and mailing them out to my friends since they easily fit in an envelope. If you'd like to receive one, email me a mailing address and I'll send one over! It makes me happy to share these little pieces with others and I hope you'll like them too.

Thanks :)
[email protected]
San Francisco

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