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March 20 2015

I am 73 years old, an officially "retired" educator. Many of my activities, however, answer a Buckminster Fuller question, paraphrased as, "What in my community needs doing that I know something about, which probably won't happen unless I take responsibility for it?"

The things I "know something about" are mostly related to communication, which I taught (at KU), and which I enjoy applying--as a volunteer--to a wide range of activities. If these activities interest you, too, I'll suggest some Google terms to check out (no specific links allowed on the ListServe). They include:

a) Offering classes and workshops in our local (Yavapai College) Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), sometimes on communication-related topics, but also on other themes that interest me (1-2 per term). (For example, this year it's been "Transpartisan Dialogue," "Stories in Thought and Talk," "The Best of TED Talks," "Creativity in Everyday Life," and "Broadening and Deepening Mindfulness." ) (Google "ollisedonaverde")

b) Facilitating this summer at OLLI: 1) a "Shakespeare Festival" - we'll watch, at each session, a PBS video and discuss a few powerful soliloquies from each play (Google: "PBS Shakespeare Uncovered") and 2) "Big History" - we'll watch and discuss David Christian's curriculum, funded by Bill Gates. (Google: "Big History Project")

c) Coordinating a community mediation program that offers free assistance to local residents in resolving disputes they can't work out on their own. (Google: "City of Sedona Mediation Services")

d) Holding programs and discussions that bring together people across the political spectrum--using the "Living Room Conversations" process, and setting a "world record" by hosting 21 LRC programs around town during October, 2014. (Google: "Sedona Living Room Conversations on Vimeo")

e) Helping our city government implement a new civic engagement program. (Google: "Sedona Citizen Engagement Program")

f) Helping to coordinate a "24-Hour Theater" program once a year, in which Sedona writers, directors, actors, set designers, and song writers, create and stage four 10-minute plays within a 24-hour period. (Google: "24 Hour Theater in Sedona, AZ on Vimeo")

g) Facilitating classes at our local synagogue using instructional materials created by The Teaching Company (Google: "The Great Courses" ). Also, writing, directing, and performing in an annual musical version of the "Purim" story, each year inserting different pop, Broadway, etc. songs throughout. (Google: "Sedona JCSVV")

h) Contributing to a local group I helped start, called "Integral Sedona," based on the ideas of Ken Wilber. (Google: "Integral Sedona")

i) Serving, over the past ten years, as a "Destination Speaker" on about a dozen cruise ship itineraries. (Google: "Sixth Star Entertainment")

j) Connecting often with my family--my wife and I have six children and nine grandchildren.

Perhaps we have an interest in common, or this list sparked an interest you will pursue. May you, too, be engaged in a variety of enjoyable, meaningful adventures along your path through life!

Paul G. Friedman
[email protected]
Sedona, AZ

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