Oliver, the world!

March 04 2015

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I was skiing and met a kid named Oliver from England. We became best friends over hot chocolate and vowed to find each other someday. I’ve always wondered if he’s forgotten, or if he’s still searching as well.

Rather than bombard you with long paragraphs, I thought I would give you short, quick statements, stories and thoughts with an action item at the end, in hopes that you only spend a few minutes reading and that you enjoy yourself.

- The sound of a ticking clock reminds me of my Baba’s house. I wear his Mickey Mouse watch every day. It doesn’t work, which I love, and it reminds me to stay young and to not take life too seriously.

- Stepping onto a soccer field is a euphoric feeling that I will never grow old of.

- I’m 21 years old, from San Diego, CA, and I graduate this May from the George Washington University in DC.

- Don’t ever underestimate the power of a thorough and thoughtful “thank you”. I spent 365 days doing so to someone different each day, in person or over the phone, and ended up giving a TED talk about it (google my name and “TEDx” if you’re interested). It’s the most incredible feeling the world, and it’s the best way I know to make others feel truly alive and happy.

- I will always stop at lemonade stands.

- Last year I witnessed my Dad hit a hole-in-one. That was really special J

- While traveling recently, a man asked me what my favorite non-musical sound was. My answer was contagious laughter. What’s yours?

- I hope to one day be fully confident in my physical appearance. Words from the past can linger.

- Coming out was hard, but watching people struggle from the other side is harder. Reach out and listen if you can.

- Forever grateful to the teachers and mentors I’ve had. You are the unsung heroes of society.

- Things I love: chocolate milk, the window seat, when the lights go out at a concert, The Giving Tree, the smell of the ocean, adventure, getting the shivers, the word “squeegee,” cityscapes, learning from failure, being weird, sneezing, a challenge, specific beats of songs, videos of Ellen surprising people, stepping on crunchy leaves.

- Asking for help is difficult, but I’m glad I learned: I’m the organizer of TEDxFoggyBottom here in DC, and never in a million years would I be the person I am today, or would our event be what it is today without my team’s relentless passion and enthusiasm. I’m honored to work with you all J

- Love to my family, Kasey for introducing me to the Listserve, and to Julia and the rest of her family. #TeamDoug


Following my graduation, I am taking 12 months and traveling to every continent. I’m looking to explore, to collect stories, and to soak up the culture wherever I go.

If you a) would like to join in, b) know of a place/restaurant/coffee shop/sunrise/theatre/art that I just HAVE to see, or c) know of a place I can stay, please let me know! I promise to respond no matter what, and if we do meet, I will include you in any of my video and photo projects I’ll be doing. My current creative space, Instagram (@briandoyle), and my website (coming soon) will be where I document my travels!

If you’d just like to say hi, that’s cool too!

Thanks for reading! (Salute)

Brian Doyle
[email protected]
Washington, DC.

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