Of shit, creation, and travel.

February 19 2015

Growing up, don’t know why, I couldn’t go No. 2 unless it was at home. Maybe it was my anti-microbes OCD or also the embarrassment of knowing that if I was locked for too long in the bathroom people would know what I was doing (as if others didn’t shit as well). I don’t know how my calculations failed, but during an afternoon English class I got the urge. It was very bad and I couldn’t wait anymore. I asked the teacher for permission to go to the restroom, determined to finally be able to “Go” outside home (only because it was very urgent), and left the classroom in search of a room I had never used before. I remember asking a secretary were it was and she pointed out the direction. Maybe it was because I was nervous or it was just fate, but I couldn’t find the damned place. All the running must have adjusted the contents of my intestines and the urge subsided, which led me to think that instead of going back to the classroom I should head to my grandma’s house in order to take care of business. Grandma’s place was closer to the school than my house, just a short bus ride away. I could’ve walked, but fearing the urge would come back while walking I decided my best option was to get on that bus. Bus arrives. I get in. Sit down. Necessity strikes and, ooops, I couldn’t hold it. I kept looking out the window. I – myself - could not believe what had just happened so I went into what can be described as an out of body experience. I was there, crapped pants and all, but it’s like I wasn’t there. The damaged was not noticed by other passengers for a while, but when one shouted “Driver, it smells like shit in here” it was inevitable. The driver ignored it at first, but then EVERYONE on the bus started complaining and saying “it frigging smells like someone took a dump on the bus”. Driver stops the bus, comes back to where we all are, and like a hound dog starts sniffing for the origin of such fetid smell. He approaches me and politely asks me “Boy, did you shit your pants?” I confirmed. It must’ve been my utter terror and shame showing in my face. He asked me where I was going, decided it was close enough and allowed me to stay on. Everyone complained and I didn’t know where to bury my head. Stop. I descend. Sit is soiled. The back of my pants are soiled and soggy. I start walking to my grandma’s and on the way, at three different occasions, two men and one boy yelled at me “Hey, boy! Did you crap your pants?” Fast forward some 25 years and this story has somehow become a staple conversation at any family reunion. I laugh about it, but it took some years to get over my fears of having a similar episode happen. I can now proudly go No. 2 anywhere. I’ve sat on toilets in +200 cities in 40 countries around the world.


How to create anything in your life:

1. Visualize. Concentrate on the end result and the feelings you’ll have once you achieve it.

2. Release.

3. Enjoy the unfolding.

I’ve been practicing this for 15 years now with some amazing results.


Travel. Anywhere you can. Getting out there opens your mind, and makes you a better person. You’ll compare at first, but then you’ll realize the beauty that lies in our differences.

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Kyoto, Japan (on vacations, live in Washington, DC)

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