Stop what you are doing and go for a walk in the sun right now.

February 16 2015

I graduated from university a few years ago and I'm a new-ish teacher. Most days, I love it. I'm realizing that it's a strange job to have for a few reasons.

1. Everyone has an opinion on how to be a teacher. Having been a student once doesn't mean you know how to teach. Do you know how to make a medical diagnosis just because you've been to the doctor a few times? Nope.

2. I think I work too much. I guess the grass is always greener but I can't help but think that it's not worth the time and effort I'm putting in. My work-life balance is totally out of balance. Am I overworked, or putting unnecessary pressure on myself or just not very efficient? Will it magically get better? Where do I even start to fix this?

3. I'm making it up (in a responsible and educated way) as I go. Trial and error, folks.

Now, in total contradiction to #1, I'd love your advice. Why was your favourite teacher your favourite? What does a good teacher do? If you are a teacher, what advice would you have wanted to hear when you were starting out? Hit me up with some wisdom!

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to hearing back from some of you.
Go out and get some sunshine. February sucks, eh?

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