The Test of Time

February 11 2015

It is said that what sets humans apart is our ability to tell ourselves stories and believe in things we can't see. (Thank you NPR)

That being said, I give all the past and future Listserve story tellers a heartfelt thank-you!

Whether we write on the cave walls, create scrolls, beat on the drums, hear the troubadours, read books, listen to audio tapes, or post our comings and goings on social media, the human condition diary will forever exist. Likely, longer than we will.

I look forward to the daily installment from this global group of scribes, and thank my lifelong friend Marianne for pointing me toward you.

Me? I am a human being human. Nothing more, nothing less. Grateful for all it entails.

May all our stories withstand the test of time. More important, may we all learn from each and every story!

Take good care of yourselves.

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