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January 16 2015

So I won. I have been a part of the Listserve for almost 5 years. There have been several times when I wanted to be chosen. Now I am sitting in the country of Jordan caught totally surprised by the email saying I won. I had always hoped I would be doing something memorable when I got the email. The first draft of this email was very different. Then I heard a story about a Syrian Refugee that I wanted to share.

A volunteer went to a Syrian family over a year and a half ago. There was a 5 year old boy who had experienced bombing while fleeing the country. The volunteer tried to get the boy to play but he just stayed catatonic. From then on the volunteer held the boy in his arms every time he visited. This went on for about 6 months. Then the volunteer brought a ball and put it in the boy's hand. Nothing happened till the boy dropped the ball. It didn't bounce but stayed on the ground for a few seconds before shooting across the room. The boy chased after it and started showing emotion for the first time. All it took was love and human affection to work over time. That and the servant willing to share God's love.

As the Syrian conflict gets less coverage in the news, it is easy for the refugees to be forgotten. I am currently working with them in the Middle East. On a personal level, I could urge you to to volunteer to help refugees here in the Middle East or in your own country. I could urge you to give money or pray. What I will ask you to do is not just think about the refugees and move on.

Now on to me. My name is Micah Jordan. I am currently 20 years old, in my 3rd year of college studying communication and history are small private college in Missouri. But I was born in South Korea, lived there 8 years then Manila Philippines for 8 years. I am called a third culture kid or TCK. If you want to know more google it. Being a TCK has impacted my perspective on the world. I have gotten do so many things like fly an airplane before driving a car. For sake of space I can't elaborate. If you would like to know more please email me. I love talking about my life experiences.

Finally, some other areas of interest

Books: Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author right now. Also on the 7th book of the wheel of time series. Epic by Conor Kostick, Anything by Jasper Fforde and so much more.

Music: Switchfoot, Soundtracks like lord of the rings and also two steps from hell by invincible. Also RWBY soundtrack.

TV Shows: RWBY, The Legend of Korra, Newsroom, The Flash, Arrow, and Psych

Movies from 2014: Interstellar, Hobbit battle of the five armies, Mockingjay, guardians of the Galaxy

Shout out to fight the new drug. It is doing great work on raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography.

Look up gospel by propaganda

Also a poem


Fire. Fire. Fire.

Blaze. Blaze. Blaze.

Smoke. Smoke. Smoke.

Burn. Burn. Burn.

Pain. Pain. Pain.

Yell. Yell. Yell.

Weep. Weep. Weep.

Still. Still. Still.

Love. Love. Love

Passion. Passion. Passion

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Flame. Flame. Flame.

Ache. Ache. Ache.

Shout. Shout. Shout.

Cry. Cry. Cry.

Numb. Numb. Numb.

Email me if you share any interests or want to read more poetry

Micah Jordan
[email protected]
Jordan, usually Bolivar Mo

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