Keep dreaming and never stop.

January 05 2015

So this is my first year living alone, far away from my parents. In that kind of moments I realise how big my country is - there is a 9722 kilometers distance between us, 8.5h flight, 7h time zones difference. I live in Saint-Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities ever, my parents live in Vladivostok - also a wonderful and very unique place, close to asian borderland.
I am 24 years old russian single girl with a passion to travellings and everything new.
To be honest, I didnt have any reasons to move - I bet sometimes you just have feelings like you need to change something. Thats exactly what I had. And I never regret about random things and decisions. Random things - best things. (Btw, you can find some pictures of Russia in my insta - yuushh, I would love to see where do you live aswell!)
Thats why lets talk about advertising stuff. Im pretty sure you all experienced that pop-ups things when you browse somewhere in internet for something important. Casino, binary options, datings, games - whatever. Thats what I do for my job. I am a media buyer. The first thing that my friends tell me once I give them a reply about my job is "Oh my gosh, that was YOU!", so if you hate me, I understand that :) But I must admit, I really love my job. I work with people from all around the world, its jus like a travel but without moving. If you have any questions regarding it, I will gladly answer.
Advertising will stay live as long as at least 1 from 1000, as we say, "make a conversion" - register on dating website, install a game, make a deposit in casino.
And so is dream.
Keep dreaming, and work on making your dreams come true.
I will share with you one of my dreams - to visit as many places as its possible. There is no time to stop. While you move, you stay alive.
I already got an italian visa, so that will be my next destinaton! Probably I will meet any of you there ;)
Bring all the best to 2015 and Happy New Year!

P.S. Happy New Year - "S Novim Godom" in russian language. Now you know more about russian than just vodka, dancing bears and cold weather ;)


Yuliya Shuklina
[email protected]
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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