December 31 2014

Hello fellow floaters in space,

Our world is infinite. Not only is the outside world large beyond our capacities to understand, but our own inner universe is something that certainly has the same quality of unforgiving complexity.
The mind is, as many before me may have said, a universe on its own. It is the very thing that defines all you see outside yourself, and the outside in turn redefines and shapes the inside.

As an artist I attempt to delve within the inner regions of human consciousness, while also wanting to know as much as possible about the world that appears outside of myself.
I know that understanding all will never be possible with the limitations of the human being. But I think there is immense beauty in our passion to want to know. Our hunger for these things that do not feed our stomachs but our inner universes. It builds new regions, planets inside our mental galaxies. With everything we take in, we ourselves become larger. More vast. The inescapable end is less relevant then, because in this we can see the infinity of the universe itself. It is larger than we are, and yet we cannot imagine it without ourselves in it.

Art is relevant here, because where words in everyday language cease to make sense when you reach a certain level of understanding, the image, the poetry between the words we so desperately try to cling to, keep on speaking. The image is a reflection, and at the same time also an integral part of our inner world.
I hope I am making sense here, because as I said previously, the words are staring to lose their power. Poetry seeps in.
Many see art as something superfluous, a sort of decadent hobby one can pursue.
I want to tell you, it is not.
Art mimics the very pulse of our existence. It is a means of connecting inner universes, one person to another. It is a story, it provides your galaxies with more vastness.
It might scare you, because it digs out the dark matter inside of you. The nothingness, that makes up such a large part of who you are. But if you dare to take up the challenge to delve, to dive, to jump into this darkness, a deeper form of knowing is yours.


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