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December 28 2014

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I’m your host Brian Agler, and we’ve got a fantastic show for you today.

What’s happening...

President Obama recently announced that he would begin normalizing relations with Cuba. Analysts say the move will strengthen the airline and hotel industry, but cripple the rickety, old raft industry.

What else, what else…

North Korea has proposed a joint investigation with the United States over the recent Sony hack. The investigation is off to a slow start, as every North Korean lead consists of investigators saying, “Hey, look over there!” and then promptly running in the other direction.

Speaking of cyber attacks…

Staples recently announced that personal data from over 1.2 million shoppers has been stolen. Staples responded saying, “We never saw this coming...mainly because we couldn’t believe 1.2 million people did their last minute Christmas shopping at an office supply store.

Oh, this is great…

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced he was forming an exploratory committee to run for president. His platform is all about fiscal responsibility: Cutting taxes, scaling back government spending, and saving money by reusing old “President Bush” stationery that’s been cluttering up the Oval Office.

And finally, here’s something...

Sir Elton John married his longtime partner David Furnish on Saturday. They were pronounced man and Rocket Man.

We’ve got some great guests today, from Mad Men, and the Black Mirror Christmas special, Jon Hamm is here!

He’s an amazing stand-up, and you can catch him every week on Ground Floor, Rory Scovel is here!

And all the way from Brooklyn to play a song off their album, Maia Manu, Bird Courage is here!

That’s The Monologue. We’ve got a great show for you today. Check your inboxes, we’ll be right back.


In my spare time, I’m a comedy writer, and for while now I’ve had the idea to start a late-night monologue mailing list. If anything, it would be a great writing exercise.It would also give me a chance to help spread the word about some actors/comedians/musicians I like.

I can’t send any links through the listserve, but I urge you to check out:

Black Mirror (We all know Jon Hamm, of course he’s great)
Rory Scovel (I think he’s the funniest, most creative, stand-up working today)
Bird Courage (I saw them playing on a subway platform once and they just knocked me out)

I’m still in the planning stages, but if The Monologue is something you might like to see in your inbox some day, I posted a sign-up on my site:

brianagler [dot] wordpress [dot] com

Brian Agler
[email protected]
Washington, D.C.

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