December 24 2014

Hello everyone on The Listserve!

I want to talk about something that I started in my life that is really helping me out to go through a bad moment. That is meditation.

Meditation is a simple activity that you can make almost anywhere and it doesn't cost you a penny. All you have to do is to spare some time for meditating. I am really a beginner but I could feel the benefits of meditating already.

Turn off your phone and start doing that when you will have no interruption, if needed warn people around so they don't disturb. All you have to to is to sit down, comfortably. Keep your spine aligned and focus on your breathe. A few mantras could help you to calm down. Three long Oooooooooooommmmms would do the job.

The thing is focus on your breathe or in the gaps between the thoughts. Meditation is all about trying not to think about anything, but when we are starting, lots of thoughts will surely come. All you have to do is observe those thoughs. Try not to judge and avoid to "follow" a thought or dialogue with it.

Imagine the thoughts are like clouds on a blue sky, your goal is to focus on the blue sky.

The thoughs are very important actually, cause they give you really good hints about your condition. All you do is observe. Ok, I thought of it, I thought of that, that made anxious... this is looking at you, and this is important. I call it honest observation.

But remember that the whole practice is to learn how to not follow the clouds, focus on the blue sky. Once you notice that you followed a thought and you are in the middle of a dialogue with it, don't get angry, simply abandon that thought and start focusing again on your breathe.

I understand that the goal of yoga and meditation is to "be really present" and that means to be totally aware of our presence, our self, the others, in everything we do, in every moment.

One last thing I have discovered as a beginner in meditation is: Your mind is just a part of your conscience. Your mind is not your whole conscience, your mind is not you.

There's a video that gives real great information, and detailed instructions about how to meditate. It was created by the Indian government to explain to the americans what was meditation. Search youtube for: "The Secret Meditation in Hindi"


Diogo Matheus
[email protected]
São Paulo - Brasil

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