Life with Fewer Regrets

November 17 2014

Last week my dad turned 60. Next week I will turn 27. For years now I have wanted to go on a father-son trip with him for a couple of weeks somewhere around the world, while his health still allows him to do so. It seems like an ideal opportunity to know him more as a friend and gain his wisdom in the context of adulthood.

For three years we have both made excuses as to why we should postpone this trip - obligations with family, work, school, etc. My fear is that time will pass and this trip will never happen. Three years will pass, then another three, then another...until it's finally too late.

Life is short. What is something that is important to you that you want to accomplish or see done before you die? It could involve a relationship, a personal goal, a work project, a non-work project, a career move, conquering a fear, starting something, ending something, gaining something, losing something, etc.

I have shared mine, and I would love to hear yours. It may help me in my approach to life as well - [email protected]


Travis Rutledge
[email protected]
Southeast Asia

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