Daily Deeds

October 22 2014

Imagine my surprise to open the letter saying "you've won" today. I've always thought about what I'd write and now that I have the opportunity to actually write it I've changed my mind.

Today at work (in a restaurant) I had a guest with a coupon for two free meals. She was by herself and asked if the other free meal could "go to the next person who looks like they could use it".

It's little things. Little things like a free meal, holding the door, smiling at a stranger that make the biggest difference. There's so much wrong in this world. So much scary out there that sometimes we've become so guarded that we forget that were not the only thing that matters.

It doesn't matter that you're a successful business man, or a single mother, or homeless. We all need to be there for each other or else what is our life worth?

So I challenge you. All of you. Do something nice. Pay for the next cars order, smile, have fun, be nice, and for God's sake tip your bartender.

Hoping for many replies with wonderful deeds.
[email protected]

"1000 years from now, nobody will know who I was, where I was from, or how much money I had, but the world might be a little better, and a little different, because I had kindness in my heart".

Allison Peters
Iowa, USA
[email protected]

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