People Are Strange

October 19 2014

I procrastinated too long to write anything worthwhile. I guess I don't really want to write anything "worthwhile" anyway because then it would just turn out inspirational/corny/would have some universally accepted moral that people have been force fed since childhood. SO: if anyone would like to email me, that would be cool.

music suggestions:

- everything ever written by the Beatles
- Squirrel Nut Zippers
- "My American Cousin" by Molly Lewis
- Mac Demarco
- The Drums
- Band of Horses
- "Day in Day Out" by Billie Holiday/anything by Billie Holiday
-Joni Mitchell
******** "Early Takes Volume 1" by George Harrison ********** (extremely spiritual album. im not spiritual to any extent, but definitely struck a chord with me. my favorite album of all time).

Anyone who is an avid Beatles fan, plays the double/upright bass, likes my musical suggestions, is in high school, or is just a person who gets the listserve should email me because you can, and why not?

I'm a failure because I wasted my opportunity to say anything meaningful. Oh well? May the force be with you, I guess.

- Love Lilly <3

Lilly Wolfinger
[email protected]


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