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October 12 2014

One of the most important, inspirational, and meaningful sayings I live by is: "all you need is love”. I am 24 and a recent half graduated university student. I’m obsessed with chocolate and my favourite book is “Brave New World”. I've experienced many terrible and many beautiful things in the past few years. However I have been fortunate enough to experience falling in love...two and a half times...I say two and a half because two people I know I love and the half…well you’ll see.

The first love was extraordinary. We were together for about a year and a half. He taught me many things that in turn allowed me to grow tremendously as a person. He was also there for me throughout my hardest years of life. During 2011, over the span of 6 months, 5 young people I know passed away. I was a complete fucking wreck and naturally this weakened the progression of a healthy relationship. A few years after these tragedies, and the inevitable crumble of this relationship, I was reminiscing about my former love. I wondered: why the fuck did things turn out this way...? I will never forget what my Mum (I love my Mum...probably much more than she even knows) said to me: "It wasn't meant to be and that's ok! You know why? Because just by him being present he was doing so much good for you. He was there for you through those difficult moments. He helped you get through that terrible time and that was the purpose for him being a part of your help you." - Thank you first love; I don't know if I ever said that to you...

The second love... We met a few years ago during what I like to refer to as the most ridiculous cake incident I've ever been a part of. Picture a two person cake fight amongst a 50 person booze filled slop show birthday party. The cake fight ended with us two cake-covered people cleaning ourselves up and during the process flooding a bathroom using a bidet. Naturally we headed out to the "hottest" nightclub with cake bits still crusted all over...we ended the night with ... well I'll leave that to your imagination. I was fortunate to spend the rest of the year getting into many other crazy shenanigans with him. Sadly he graduated and headed to the other side of the country. However a few months later, during the adult version of Disneyland: Shambhala Music Festival, (in Salmo BC...if you get a chance's truly life changing) our paths crossed again. As time has it things came to an end and we both returned to our separate lives...Although not before spending one more week together.

The half love is interesting. We met at the beginning of this past summer. I can whole heartedly tell each one of you that I have never in my life experienced a stronger connection with a stranger....ever. We met briefly and months later we met again... coincidentally at another music festival. Every time we saw each other it was as though a strong cosmic energy pulled us together. It was some magical. I distinctly remember a moment where we gazed into each others eyes for a solid 30 seconds....that's a feat...try it with someone sometime; it's a wonderful feeling. Afterwards we continuously seemed to see each other in odd places around the city. It was nice, however, I soon left the city on soul pilgrimage across the country.... yet not before finding out he too would be at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival.

I travelled around the states and Canada en route to Beautiful BC. When I arrived "home" I had a very odd feeling that half love would not be in attendance. I was right...actually a friend had purchased his ticket last minute. The universe is interesting in these regards because guess which love was there? Love number two. It was the first time we had seen each other in a year...and it was beautiful. Everything between us fell right back into place. Following the festival we were fortunate to be able to spend yet another week together. When he left I could barely speak…all I could muster up were copious amounts of tears.

It is so important to share love and appreciation with people. Love is the most beautiful part of life. I want you to know that no matter what or where you are there is love in your life. Love can be found in the Earth's energy, within yourself, in the smile of a stranger, the embrace of someone special, and even in the most painful of situations. Trust that the universe has the best path for you…so follow your heart and follow your feet!

I would definitely be interested in hearing your stories of love, helpful tips on grieving, meditation advice, places to do yoga, and any advice on how to make it in Event and Promotion Marketing!

To each of you I send a bit of loving energy and I hope that you will always tell them how you feel <3

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