Dear Future Me

October 04 2014

Tomorrow evening I will be heading off to start college at Seattle Pacific University as a freshman. I hope to learn so much academically and personally, even if I am a bit scared. Below is a letter to myself then, of what I wish to achieve, work through, and experience in the next four years.

Dear Future Hanna,

Right now you plan to study computer science with a minor in women's studies, then go on to get a master's in library science in order to become a librarian. I don't see you changing your mind as you love books and believe in the power of public libraries. I only hope you are able to find work in a community you love.

Where are you living? Seattle still, or elsewhere? Where have you decided to get your Master's Degree? I hope it's somewhere back east or the southwest. Have you visited any other countries? What did you learn? How is the family; Dad, with his alcoholism, Jess with a job or college, Katie halfway through high school, and is mom still living in Rogue River? What do you regret not doing?

I hope you keep your wonder for nature and enjoyment of geeky things. I do hope however, that you learn better patience and to not be so anxious. I hope you feel more belonging at SPU than you did at Rogue River High School, and have the courage to branch out of your comfort zone. I hope you make wonderful friends and maybe even fall in love. I hope you learn to better forgive and be vulnerable. I hope you read some wonderful books and attend a few concerts. Stay thankful, optimistic, and independent. Don't forget to make a few mistakes (but learn from them).

Treat yourself and others gently (especially Mom).

With love,

[email protected]
Southern Oregon

Anything I should have added? Have any funny/interesting/educational stories about your own process becoming a full-fledged adult? Want to share a favorite book or song? Shoot me an e-mail!

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