September 28 2014

An organizer of the Climate March in New York City over this past weekend said the following: “Organizing a big march is like throwing a rock in a pond: The splash is exciting but the real beauty is in the ripples”.

The Internet is the ocean and even the tiniest of pebbles will create ripples. Each Listerv posting is a pebble with ripples that reach many thousands all over the world. The question for us Listservians should be what can we accomplish together to begin to engineer change that does not involve governments or corporations?

My concern for the past six years has been with the ever growing crisis of families and their creatures becoming homeless, including myself and the cats. The cats, Charlie in particular, have not been impressed with my efforts to obtain justice in a clear case of foreclosure fraud by a major bank acting as a trustee for a Mortgage Backed Security (MBS). So, Charlie has made a video “Calling All Cats The Series”. Charlie will shortly be launching a fund raising campaign called Saving Our Humans........another pebble!

We are all faced with challenges and difficulties in our lives so how can we help each other and save ourselves, the creatures and our still beautiful planet?

If you live in the USA and you know of some family that needs help to avoid becoming homeless please e-mail Charlie through me at the e-mail below. If you want to help Charlie and his human (me) please e-mail me and I will let you know how.

Robert Ashley
[email protected]
Catskill Mountains New York

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