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September 25 2014

Dear Listserve Readers, I had a message all prepared ages ago and of course I lost it. So I am having to wing it now that the moment has arrived to write something.

No life message here. I am asking for tolerance of you all. I am Transgendered, which means in my case I was born a male and I feel and present myself (sometimes) as Female; I prefer to describe myself as a "Non camp feminine male". All I want is to be able to wear the clothes that make me happy wherever I happen to be, home, work, social places, everywhere. I ask only for the same freedoms of expression that the majority of women (in the western world) enjoy. Without fear of censure, ridicule, prejudice or violence. Is that so bad? Most of what we consider the socially normal Male/Female split in appearance has evolved and sometimes swapped over the development of our civilisations, many “Aboriginal” cultures accepted the different varieties of sexuality among their populations and it is only recently and in western and middle eastern cultures that prejudices against these different people have arisen. Either through religious ruling or individuals scared of their own sexuality, of being attracted to same sex persons who happen to be dressed as opposite sex, which suggests it may have been the clothing, the presentation that they were always attracted to anyway, not the person inside. So please think carefully when you see someone dressed in a manner you might not personally approve of and allow them to be themselves, they’re not actually causing you a problem are they? thanks for listening.


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