First trip to Europe, please advise.

September 11 2014

Hello Listservants,

This Wednesday my wife and I will be taking a 4 week honeymoon in Europe!

This is my first time leaving the USA so I am an inexperienced traveller. The plan is to take the rail from Portugal to Germany and I have arbitrarily picked stops based on Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves, history class, and word of mouth.

A little about me: 25, just married, born and raised in Seattle (USA), Computer Scientist, love nature/adventure, very active, don't care for touristy things, love to be amused and do/see things out of the norm.

Europeans or European travellers reading this,
- If you were in my shoes, what would you do/see on this trip?
- Any advice on the trip? Things I am missing or things not worth seeing?
- If you live along my Europe Route and want to meet up, let me know!

Sept 11 - Lisbon (Sporting Lisbon Match, Sintra, drink porto/green wine)
Sept 15 - Seville (Tapas, Flamenco, Alcazar!)
Sept 16 - Valencia (Oranges, Beaches, Future buildings, Paella)
Sept 17 - Barcelona (Sightseeing, night life, beaches)
Sept 19 - Lyon (Eat French Food)
Sept 20 - Geneva (visit CERN, Orchestra, go hiking)
Sept 22 - Berne (no plans)
Sept 23 - Munich (Oktoberfest)
Sept 24 - Frankfurt (Visit family)
Sept 29 - Berlin (night life, sites, family/friends, unwind)
Oct 5 - Fly Home

Thanks for reading and please advise!

Tanner N.
[email protected]
Seattle, WA, USA

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