I think I am kind.

September 06 2014

My favorite Listserve email was from Luke Neff on June 7, 2012. It was the fifth Listerve I ever got, and I loved it so much that I decided I would do something similar if I ever won the lottery. A little over two years later, here I am. Thanks for the idea, Luke. :)



"What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person."

…56 translations later we get:
"I think I am kind."



Comic idea

Workers are clearing a road. They start bulldozing through a hill and bones start spilling out.
“What do we do, boss?” Boss shrugs. They’re on a timetable, so they should keep going.

Later, a worker cuts into a steak. Tiny bones start spilling out.
A worker does laundry. When he lifts up a portion to put in the wash, a skull tumbles out.
A workers mows his lawn. Instead of grass clippings, bones spray out.

The road is abandoned.



Simon Says alarm clock



What actually drives happiness: relationships, unique experiences, feeling self-validated, achieving personal goals.

And again: I wonder how much our current mental state is dependent upon our ability to imagine a happy/fulfilling, realistic future?



in the future, we must pick what information to store in our brains.
love? emotions? do extra abilities take precedence over those?



can you try? i don't know you anymore, you know. don't i try? you can.
life - is it worth living? this is what i ask myself. ask i, "what? is this living worth it? is life?"
palindromes are hard. how to? how hard are palindromes?
can you believe? what is this? this is what: believe you can!

you swallow pills for anxious days and nights, and days, anxious for pills, swallow you (aric maddux)

for the past couple of weeks i've been chewing my mouth raw
biting the insides until they're too sore or they bleed

i've been eating jalapeño pringles
it hurts

am i tired? i am.

i am tired, though. will i live? i will, though tired am i.
am i tired, though? will i live? i will, though tired. i am.



what if in the future, we had to choose what cyborg we are
iHuman or Android or µHuman or whatever



I don’t want to enter that room if I don’t know how to get out



robert said
you haven't been this sad in a long time




Tissue shirt (for comforting other crying people)
Brown sugar mochi in poop shape



Sometimes at night I get so lonely I cry. I browse the internet through my tears, searching for people who hold the same opinions I do or share stories of things I have experienced, just to feel a connection to someone.



i just ate a cronut
my life is a mess

a cronut is like 600 calories
i'm going to die
i'm dying



I’m always unsure where triangles will take me



Silly Cone Valley

Ice cream flavors:
C (chocolate)
C++ (double chocolate)
Java (coffee)
Groovy (rainbow sherbet)



robert said
i'm glad you aren't as sad as you used to be
but you're a lot less creative now


I love biking, ice skating, crocheting, drawing, and programming. When I was eleven, I wanted to be a pediatric oncologist. I became a software engineer. I dislike avocados. I've dealt with crushing depression. I'm passionate about accessibility, blood/bone marrow donation, hospice care, and mental health awareness.

Feel free to email me with fragments of your life. :)

San Francisco

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