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August 25 2014

Hey listservians!

I have the same trouble most people express on here. What profundity (that had better be a word..) do I have worthy of this list?
My initial thought was absolutely none. I am a boring, middle 30's, white, middle class guy living in suburban USA. What could I possibly have to share?

I guess I have lived a bit more interesting life than most people. I am originally from rural New Zealand; lived briefly in Australia (stint in Sydney; shorter time in Brisbane - I would love to move back if I could); moved to the US where I have lived in various parts of the north east (NYC that amazing, expensive, dirty, smelly, chaotic place); wealthy and pretty Connecticut; Boston and its northern suburbs (love New England - sorry CT, you don't count); and now hot, humid, miserable (but winter kicks arse) north eastern Florida.

Thanks to my work I have seen so much more of the US/Canada than most Americans/Canadians (or most others really) ever get to see. From Quebec/Montreal/Toronto/Ottawa/Halifax to Calgary.

Seattle to San Francisco, the midwest (northern - e.g. Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois to southern - looking at you Texans and Okies), the east coast (Maine down to Florida) and in between. There are still some glaring holes in my US experience - the mountainous west - Montana (been to CO), and the more southern, western states (AZ, NM and UT etc).
Definitely looking for tips/advice on cool things/places to see/do when I travel to those places.

I have also recently been on quite a personal transformation. Moving here to the US and traveling for work was an awful health combination. I used to be a healthy, fit person. Then I put on a TON of weight and felt like crap for years (almost a decade). I recently finally lost 50 pounds in about a year and am well on my way to being lean and toned again. People are amazed when I show them what I used to look like. This was the first time in my life I ever had to try to lose weight, and it SUCKED. Despite what the ads tell you, it is tough. For anyone who has been overweight a long time, feels miserable about it and wants to lose it but can't, for the first time in my life I feel your pain. I know now how tough it is.

If anyone wants any simple advice/support on losing weight, or wants to chat about being overweight and trying to lose, let me know. Heads up - I am not interested in specific 'fad' diets - e.g. paleo, IF, whatever. In my opinion, it is simple stuff - but tough.

Finally my bit of compulsory life advice - be open to opportunities for something different - no matter how small. They are out there and pop up when you least expect. Keep an eye out and don't be afraid to jump at them. When I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to do and was discouraged about my future. No longer. Roll with it and life can take you some unexpected places.

I would love to hear from anyone, anywhere, about anything (hopefully something in here has given you something to talk/ask about). Even if it is just for my/your perspective on things or to share your own experiences/feelings about anything in here.

Hamish Frizzell
[email protected]
Jacksonville, Florida

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