Take care

August 20 2014

What an honor to write to you all.When you're having a bad day go for a walk, it will help clear your head
Be sure to get a good night's sleep
Try to eat a colorful plate
Enjoy simple things like a fresh peach or a summer rain storm
Don't take yourself too seriously and try not to judge others too harshly
Don't forget to look around and take in the majesty of this world. Electronics are great, but the real world is better
Try toe-shoes. I know they look stupid but I swear they're really comfortable, especially for running
Don't settle for crappy beer, drink good beer that someone put time, effort, and love into making
If you travel, see the world from the people who live where you're going's eyes. Tourist destinations are great, but sometimes something as simple as a super market or a neighborhood restaurant will be great memories
Don't knock Kansas until you visit. I know it seems like a boring fly-over but the state has a lot to offer and is really beautiful
If you're in Trivandrum be sure to watch the sunset at Kovalam
Talk to your elders and ask for their advice and wisdom
Enjoy all of life's moments
Take care and be good, we're all in this world together and we're not going anywhere else any time soon

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