We will all be okay

August 17 2014

Hi there, world!What's your life like? We will all be okay. Even if I screw up again. These are several of the screwups I had in the past year:

Last year I got into the training programme for the job I thought I wanted. It was hard, really hard - but I thought it was worth it and if I just tried harder I could make it. I slowly started dating this boy I really, really liked. It was great.

And it all got harder. I gave up more and more to stay in the programme. I told him we shouldn't be seeing each other any more. I hated myself for it.

Concentrating on only the programme helped for a while. Then I got kicked out. I had given up everything I liked and wanted. I didn't think I'd ever like anything again.

I bounced back though.

Now I have a job I like, I'm good at it and I really like the people I work with. I hang out with my friends every night and all weekend - and I'm quitting all that to get my Master's degree. I'm so scared.

Suppose I don't like my classes, my professors, my class mates? Do I know how to study, how to take exams, how to write papers?

What if I get kicked out again?

Whatever happens, we will all be okay. And this is the best possible time.

Thank you all for writing. And for reading, of course.

Thank you Listserve, for introducing me to running. Tell me which podcasts to listen to while running! Do you have great study tips? Really, I could use them.

Thank you Listserve team, for keeping the project up for all this time. Awesome.

Greatness forever: Margaret Atwood, Chaim Potok. And, you know, all the real people I know: my friends and family. You are always there for me, even if you aren't. I'll try harder.

(do you want to achieve greatness? When your friend is telling you something really hard, be quiet for four seconds after he or she stops talking. Your friend will start talking again. Weird, huh? Also works for less hard conversations.)

Greatness now: Ed Sheeran.

Thank you friends, family and pets. Again and forever. We will all be okay.

We will all be okay
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The Netherlands

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