August 06 2014

Some things I have been thinking about recently:

I never realized how brave firefighters are until I saw them with my own eyes entering a burning building and appearing in the windows where smoke was gushing out.

I have been making decision lately on the belief that life is about new experiences. The more different things you do, places you visit, and people you meet, the more interesting, educated, and understanding you become. Which brings me to my third thought:

Being proved wrong can be a good thing. I have always lived near New York City, but my enjoyment of open space and a view of the stars without light pollution always kept me wary of this place. How foolish I was! The people you encounter and places you discover in this city and others like it are what keep life interesting, and I am glad that my views have changed.

About me: I am a college student studying business and journalism and I love to surf.

If you have any recommendations on places to see great music in NYC or Dublin, shoot me a message!

Make today great, and whatever you do, take care of your shoes.

[email protected]
New Jersey, USA

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