Venture outside tonight

August 03 2014

i am outside right now, trying to find the stars on this cloudy summer night. i've been outside for a few hours, trying to find the right words to say to 24 thousand.

i love summer nights. there's just something so intimate and limitless about them. 

i once showed a boy the stars i loved the most. i eventually fell more in love with him than the stars. he told me, on a night much like this, that he didn't love me. i've been learning that it's impossible to stop loving someone.
after he left, i went about "finding myself." i boxed myself up and then forced myself out. through this, i realized that everything has its natural flow. in some cases, the best way to make something happen is to let it happen. 
take a moment tonight and go outside to see the stars. i'll be watching them with you.
a list of things i can't leave out:
- "the fall" by rhye
- humans of new york
- project unbreakable 
- alpha phi omega
on a side note, if you are a veterinarian or work with animals, i would truly appreciate it if you wrote to me about yourself and your occupation.
i turn 20 in two weeks (!!!). i would appreciate any stories or advice about your 20's.
i would also like to thank sam for her love, elyse for her friendship, and sean, for loving cats.

Tiffany Sie
[email protected]
Orange County, CA

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