7 colours of my life -well, actually 6

July 30 2014

1. YELLOW - The morning I learnt that it was my turn to write for Listserve, we were having a long discussion with my family on how their past years of poverty has affected us (I got a sister and a brother) as kids. We cried together. I had a bedwetting problem until starting high-school. My sister got married at her 19. (We are both OK now, she has three wonderful kids)

2. PURPLE - Since the day I realized that I have a younger look than my peers and I will never have beards, my biggest challange has started: Not letting others define my character with their words/looks on how I look. (classic modern story)

3. TRANSPARENT - I belive that we people are destined to live with a misconception of ourselves no matter how hard we try. -This is something I discovered during my Sociology master.- Maybe that’s why I prefer “loving” to “understanding” or I belive “to understand” is only for “to love”

4.BLUE - I am an English teacher in a suburb of İstanbul. -Between “to educate” and “to be a good example” I would definitely bet on the latter.- My students (7th and 8th graders) love visitors in the classroom. If you ever happen to visit the city you are always welcomed in my English class. Just e-mail me. I have a million membered Facebook page, Learn English -the one with the colourful monsters on its profile- and I dont know why I am sharing this with you guys. Sorry.

5. WHITE / PINK / WILD STRAWBERRY / RED - And the biggest news!!!!! I am getting married with the girl I am in love in 5 days. :) She is adorable and I already owe so much to her. I love her. I love to discover the meanings of things in her soul.

Could you help me surprising her, please, please, please??? I am preparing a photo slide for her and I just need a photo of you -or someone you know- holding a paper/carton with a short note (Congradulations etc.) and our names on it, Süheyla & Mehmet… It will NOT go online... We will -hopefully- find a good way to thank you afterward.

6. ORANGE - I have made a wedding website in 3 hours with no coding and stuff on wordpress. That’s a part of the surprise for her. If you can’t write a book, you can make a website.

7. GREEN - Plant trees.

Best regards.


(Now, I wonder if I get my own e-mail) :)

Mehmet Biçer
[email protected]

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