Karma is a b@#%h

July 27 2014

Karma is a bitch. It's a soft cuddly puppy that can greet you with a blissful expression if you are nice or bite your ankles if you are rude. I learnt this recently.

I was traveling in the Delhi metro, when I bumped into a ragged, shabby looking kid wearing half pants. He fell on the platform and scraped his knees. I happened to have a Band Aid handy so I bandaged his wound and set upon my way. 3 stations out, I realized that my phone had been nicked. I immediately ran back to the boarding station with the intention of reporting the theft. As I was heading towards the police booth, someone tapped me on my hand and said to me in Hindi, "Here's your phone. My knees have been bleeding since morning. Although I have nearly a lakh rupees ($1700) worth of phones in my pocket, I can't really afford a Band Aid. Good Day".

Karma is a bitch. A soft cuddly one in this case. Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

I am Hem, 25 years of age. If anyone is coming down to Delhi anytime soon, hit me up and I would love to show you around/swap stories over a pint of beer. Or just write to me. I love to meet new people and would love to hear from anyone who would like a penpal :) I also play in a band called "The Purple Jays". We are writing an album which will be out by November this year. Head out to our Facebook page and stay tuned for updates :)

PS: Thanks to Deepali V. for introducing me to Listserve. A big shout out to Monica, Akanksha, Ishita, Prateeksha, Pasha and Ankit for being the best homies I could ask for.

Hem Chander
[email protected]

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