Four things

July 25 2014

1: I find it expedient to distrust people who use the phrase "in any way, shape, or form". When it says "for your convenience we have..." then it is never for your own convenience.

2: Most people are not against you, they are for themselves (paraphrased from a comment on Reddit).

3: My son Riley turns five in August. Wish him happy birthday by writing him at [email protected] and tell us where you live. He and I will find your location on his globe. We will reply to the best emails with a video. I love you so much, Riley.

4: There is a lady in South Africa named Martha who helped to raise me. She is currently battling health issues and I just want her to know that I am thinking of her right now.

Warwick Poole
[email protected]
West Chester, PA, USA

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