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July 22 2014

Good morning from Hawaii! This week I'm enjoying a wedding and some vacation. I need to remember to stop not taking vacations.

I miss the World Cup already. 3 or 4 international matches every day spoiled me.

Last year I moved to Austin, Texas after 7 years in Colorado. I love both states.

I'm the oldest of 4 children & I'm terribly proud of the younger 3. We live in 4 different states, but get together when we can.

Next month begins my 34th year on the planet. Time flies.

I haven't owned a car in almost 8 years, preferring to get around by motorcycle, skateboard and bicycle.

Currently playing FIFA 14 and Titanfall, I'm 'OfficeEnforcer' on Xbox One if you'd like to join.

Lately I'm interested in learning more about building / structure architecture and data visualization. Message me if you have interesting examples of either I should see.

I'm also fascinated by the things people chose to carry with them. If you have time after reading this, send me a picture of the contents of your pockets.

Shouts to my Uncle JT, my wife Sonya, and to Taylor and Kaitlyn (check out their amazing journey at whoa dot fm)

Enjoy the balance of your day,

Jeremy Tanner
[email protected]
Austin, TX

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