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June 24 2014


First of all, what a day! It’s the first time in my life I actually won something! Feels great.

Secondly; a brief introduction. My name is Raoul, 26 y/o. Just finished doing the dishes.
Living in Holland. Earning (some) money as a graphic designer.
Like a lot of people on earth I enjoy music, art, tasty food & beer, our sun and spending time with my friends/loved ones.

What I really love is combining everything together by visiting (electronic) music festivals.
Nothing beats dancing in the sun together with my friends & strangers. You should definitely visit one of the many outdoor festivals in the Netherlands during summer, the vibe is always great. Try visiting a small festival: better atmosphere, better music, smiles everywhere, less commercial crap. I will name some DJ’s, bands & other stuff I like below. It’s a bit of everything but worth checking out.

Moving on to probably my biggest passion, graphic design. I love making prints, shapes, layouts, typography, drawing letters, silly characters. Although it’s hard for me making a living with graphic design at the moment I enjoy every second making stuff. It’s satisfying solving someone’s design problem, making information easily digestible and making people smile just by using shapes and letters.

As a rookie designer, seeing the excellent work of other designers is sometimes very intimidating. Still I keep on working knowing at some point in life I will end up where I need to be. I am curious if any of you readers are in a similar situation. Or even better, have been there and in the end got exactly where they needed to be. Lemme know & show your work.

Like everyone else I can’t help to end with some kind of advice. All smart things have been said by other Listserve winners so I think it’s time for some dumb advice. Be weird! Do dumb shit but know when to stop. Temporally alter your perception; can be done in numerous ways. Put on your grandma’s glasses and take a walk. Visit a rave! ☺! ☮! Walk instead of taking the bus/car. Take a detour. Write down every wacky idea you have, at night, under the shower, later it can turn out to be a golden idea. Doing dumb things may seem dumb at first but can provide a totally new way of looking at things. Try it sometime.


Stuff I like

Samuel Deep (DJ)
Mr G (DJ - check out his boiler room performance on youtube, energy!)
Allah-Las (Band)
A Tribe Called Quest (1990’s hiphop)
Tony Joe White (Blues)
Young Marco (DJ - Totally obscure)
The Penetrators (Band, garage, noise)
Dungeon Keeper (Ancient game I played A LOT. Great gameplay)
Nicolas Jaar (DJ)
Goat (Swedish band, really cool)
Moon Duo (Band)


I have got one favor to ask from you fellow listservers living in or visiting Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Please keep your eyes peeled for a girl that fits the following description: Name begins with E, is Dutch, 23 y/o, long legged, brown eyed, dark/brown haired, *very* messy eyebrows, long eyelashes, clumsy, big smile, crazy about food / food-design, birthmark on her left cheek - near her nose, doing an internship in Berlin (food-oriented), uses subway line U7 a lot.

Please say Hi for me. Tell her I love her and that I can’t wait to hold her again. I really miss her but due to circumstances I can’t tell her myself at the moment. Plus it would be awesome if some actually managed to find and tell her. Interesting way of crowdsourcing.

[email protected]
The Netherlands

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