thanks to my families

June 17 2014

Hey friends. I'm Peter, a 21 y/o college student studying biology and psychology with (i think) far too much job experience lifeguarding for someone my age.

I got this email after a long-as-hell finals week closing out a longer-as-hell school year (just finished my third year of college) and was about to head home for a weekend with my family. I had two siblings' graduation party to attend (brilliant grads of the 8th and 12th grades), father's day festivities to partake in, and a brother from out of state in town to visit with. What with all the fun and familial silliness (familliness?) I had going on I very nearly didn't find the time to send all of you my little note.

So I guess with the caveat that I have not lived that long/accrued much "wisdom" or whatever, I'll just share my feelings after this family weekend as well as a bit of advice. I'm super thankful for all the families I've belonged to, including but not limited to my family-family, my dorm-mates and other friends at school, my lovely family that hosted me for 4 months in Denmark, my teammates over the years, and folks I go to church with. I'm also looking forward to the families I may one day belong to.

Particularly in light of a day like father's day, remember to show love and thanks however suits you best to all the families that you're a part of, be they ones you were born into or those you made yourself or found later on. Gratitude looks good on everybody, and in a world with so few universally-flattering colors, it's a pretty stylin' idea to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

On the heels of that half-baked advice, I would advise you to also

-watch The Lego Movie, idgaf how old you are it's the best thing ever
-read "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen"
-listen to One Direction (or at least don't be an elitist turd and hate on those who do [such as yours truly])
-be bold in asking people if you can pet their dogs

Wishing you all the best,
[email protected]

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