If you’re not on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.

June 11 2014

Everything changes and nothing stands still – Heraclitus

Most people fear change, yet change is the only constant. In learning to embrace change and what it means, you open yourself up to interesting possibilities in your life. Be out there. Push the envelope. Dare to be different. Have passion for what you do. Take that risk.

The Question Hootenanny

Ask a question, get an answer. When you ask great questions, you often get great answers. When you ask questions no one has asked before you may well get new answers no one has thought of before. Try it. Often.

Get Shit Done

Stop thinking about it. Stop talking about it. Stop dreaming about it. Take a few meaningful steps everyday to bring your vision into reality. Concrete action. Deliverables. Milestones. Screw procrastination, make things happen and get shit done. Start today. Start now.

Better the World

Do something with your life that helps make the world a better place. Why not? The more you make the world a better place…the better YOUR world becomes. There’s no down side. Microfinance makes the world a better place. Guiding and mentoring someone who is coachable makes the world a better place. Being kind to others makes the world a better place. Helping people grow makes the world a better place. Launching a startup that employs people and makes money makes the world a better place.

Shits and Giggles.

I’ve been happily married for 28 years…in a row…to the same incredible woman. We have three amazing sons who are all wonderful, smart, kind, thoughtful young men. We all work very hard at what we do and laugh our collective assess off a lot. Shark Tank is our favorite show to watch as a family. Walking Dead a close second. They should do a special show that combines the two. Mark Cuban as a zombie killer. Kevin O’Leary telling a zombie startup founder, “You’re dead to me”. Okay, off track now.

The Startup

I’ve been doing startups for 20+ years. Started one of the top 10 interactive agencies in the world (according to Ad Week magazine). 40 full time staff. Seven million in annual revenue. Blew up at the end. Bad mojo. Other things I’ve co-founded in the last few years. NedSpace, co-working for startups, remote workers and social entrepreneurs. Maker Faire Africa, for innovators, builders and makers throughout the African continent. Pitchlandia, crowd-driven, crowd-sourced, crowd-decided live funding event 20 startup founders pitch, 10 get funded, 100% decided by a live audience of 300 people. All three things first of their kind in the world.

90 Days to Cash Flow Positive

Every company I’ve started since 1989 has been cash-flow positive in 90 days or less. I’ve never raised a dollar in venture capital for one of my own companies. I’ve never written a business plan, and at this stage in my life….I never will. So it goes. Starting a real startup is art. It’s innovation. It’s true exploration, Not small businesses, not being an “entrepreneur”…but a startup founder driven to create something new, exciting and innovative based on growing an idea you’re passionate about.

Do You Have a Startup in You?

If so, and you want to grow it in a supportive environment of other founders in a free online peer-to-peer network (private Google Group), drop me an email. If 25 people respond I’ll create a private Google Group where everyone can help one another to launch and grow their startup with this peer-to-peer support. 90 days to cash flow positive.

Startup your startup and change the world.

Mark Grimes
[email protected]
Portland, Oregon

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