The Goodness of Others

June 08 2014

To say that this is the last thing I would expect this exact week is a huge understatement. I turned 23 a few weeks ago; graduated college a little over a year ago; started my first full time job about ten months ago; and lost one of my biggest fans just a few days ago. Cue the tears...or the smiles of remembrance (actually, the smiles- my dad lit up the room and made people smile wherever he went).

My dad developed Alzheimer's disease several years ago and from the day he was diagnosed up until last Friday my mother, sister and I took care of him. Thanks to a system of relentless unity, collaboration, and love, we made it through. Thanks to our friends and family we're going to make it through this, as everyone else who loses a loved one does.

The past few days of phone calls, visits, and ad hoc trips across the country, have taught me the extent to which people can love and care. And with that I'll say it- thanks. To those of you who subscribe and are reading, for doing so (especially you, lovely lady who just helped me from beginning to end with the funeral services), and to everyone and anyone I've met who is/are also reading this. Even if we haven't spoken in a while, I'm glad I had the chance to be a part of your experience.

If there's one thing I want to do for my dad, it's to keep learning- whether it's in continuing graduate degrees or in learning from other people and places, I will. So feel free to reach out, whether you want to commiserate on experiencing Alzheimer's or are into international development and public health, or simply need a new pen pal, I'll be glad to hear about it.

Have a great day ListServian!

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Northern VA

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