On Websites, Relationships, and Putting a Ring on It

May 23 2014

[Ryan Gosling Voice]
Hey girl, does your website adapt its layout to the screen of the device you're viewing it on?
[/Ryan Gosling Voice]

No? Then this relationship probably isn't going to last. No, I'm not talking about the relationship between you and movie star hunk Ryan Gosling. I'm talking about the relationship between you and whoever is visiting your website.

Because sometime after the charm of pinching to zoom and barely clickable links wears off you come to the realization that maybe the website is just not that into you. That it doesn't consider your wants and your needs(like the need to not fry your eyeballs a centimeter away from your iPhone screen trying to see a sewing pin-width link that your finger somehow has to click) and just isn't as attentive and caring as it used to be. That maybe it was just talking to you for hours on end because it liked to hear the sound of its own blog posts, and not because there was a connection.

Sure, there are more fish in the sea, but no matter where you cast your line be prepared for the same tired old zoomed-out pickup line. Only 15% of websites employ what's called fully responsive web design, a practice that allows a website's layout to adapt itself based on what size screen it's being viewed on. A business without a website that performs well on mobile is like that friend of yours who never fails to catch a ride home with someone every time you're at the bar then calls you up the next morning, whining about how no one sees them as marriage material. Websites that aren't responsive seem cold and inattentive, and who wants to put a ring on that?

However, just like a man can learn (although the ladies may disagree), there is a light at the end of the tunnel for websites that aren't optimized. My company, Evadra(visit the domain of my email to see our work), provides responsive design to clients of all business sizes cheaply, quickly, and of high quality.

Consider me a marriage counselor of sorts for websites and visitors(or customers/clients), and to help get you on the road to lifelong happiness, I'd like to offer my services to members, friends, and family members of the Listserve at 25% off my normal quoted prices. Consider it a wedding gift for your renewal of vows.

If your website is ready to take the next step in its relationship with its visitors, please get in touch at the email below.



- Websites without responsive, mobile-friendly design give off a vibe of disconnect with their customers.
- Visitors have to pinch and zoom, click tiny links, or stumble through sloppy navigation on non-optimized sites.
- Web design with my company, Evadra is cheap, quick, and high quality, and it's 25% off for members, friends, and family of the Listserve.


Wishing you all the best,
Alex Edwards
[email protected]

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