Life, Love and making hard choices

May 15 2014

I don't want to bore you fabulous people with more life and love advice, but I have a favor to ask of you all.

First an explanation…. I’m 38 work full time, study full time (Masters of Emergency Nursing) and am a single mother to two teenagers, I work in my states busiest Emergency Department as a nurse and I have had the privilege to see the whole spectrum of human behavior and been witness to the beginning and ending of life time and again. I have been part of miracles and tragedy and everything in between.

So I ask of you this….talk to your families about what you wish for your life should something happen to you (yes bad stuff happens, even you cannot hide from it).

Talk about if you want to be intubated and ventilated if you can’t breathe on your own - it’s invasive and sometimes futile - do you want this? perhaps it will save your life, but it might not be the life you live right now. Think about these things.

Talk about whether you want CPR to be performed if your heart stops - we will likely crack everyone of your ribs, it is a brutal act - it is nothing like the movies and the success rate is less than 10%.

Talk about what you want for your life…. how you want it to be - you should have strong opinions about this….

These topics are hard to talk about, but it is a lot harder to make these decisions when you don't know what your loved ones want and we are fighting to save them….. and we will fight for you till we have no more options I promise you that, we will fight beyond all reasonable odds, but please talk to your families so we know when to fight and when to stop.

Here is the rest of my nurse advice - Please don't hit, spit on, piss on or abuse your nurse! There simply is no excuse for this behavior - NONE. Nurses give you a piece of themselves every time they tend to your needs, often while ignoring their own.

If you say your pain is 10/10 and you are texting on your phone or smiling we won’t believe you! - we have seen 10/10 pain is and it’s when someone’s leg has been ripped off or their bowel is rotting inside, please try to be realistic and honest, we will still care for you and give you pain relief and comfort and respect.

And onto love…. be open to love it is the greatest force in our universe. Welcome opportunities to love every day and be generous in your willingness to give your love away. - The only cure for love is to love more…..

A shout out to Tracy who introduced me to the listserve - she is an amazing woman who I am inspired by and treasure.

A shout out to Amy who is my amazing daughter who is inspiring in her grace and wisdom and who will read this…. and a shout out to Harry my son who is funny and joyful and who wont.

Love each other deeply and talk to your loved ones - its important!
Practice kindness everyday.

Check out Sleeping at Lasts’ music.
Read widely and often- challenge yourself.
Listen to the TED talks.

Drop me a line if you want to ask anything about Emergency Nursing, or Brisbane, or Australia or anything….

Emma V
[email protected]
Brisbane, Australia

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