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May 12 2014

This opportunity could be seen as a cathartic way to analyze the recent events in my life but that seems egocentric. Often struggling with words, communicating to such a large number of people is daunting. Visual expression as a form of language has been my best way of connecting and relating to other human beings. Talking without saying anything. Radiating energy into perception. This leaves room for endless interpretation. Our life experiences shape how we see and feel. So how does one strike a chord that resonates in the soul?
One must have a deep connection with the world around them. An endless universe of inspiration. The quest for perfection, which I do believe exists. This requires balance, concentration, and the ability to free yourself from time. A breathe. Embracing or rejecting chaos. The artist must inspire and be an example of love, happiness, and freedom. Authenticity must never be compromised.
When an era is coming to an end it is important to hold on to every last moment. But also allowing yourself to move forward and grow as a human being. There are times to look back but life is continuously moving forward. Getting stuck in a backwards motion could be detrimental.
My body will die someday but my soul will live on through my work.
Here I go…

Tim Hans
[email protected]s.com
Los Angeles

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