Air Force Dependent Daughter

May 02 2014

I am 52 years old. I have two awesome kids who currently serve in the Air Force. Growing up as a dependent daughter of an AF officer, I lived in eight states. I went to four grade schools in three states and three high schools in three different states. I have been married and divorced twice and lived with two other men.

We hear a lot about spouses of military people, -the separation from the spouse, -the hardship of money, -bringing up kids alone. But, what about the kids, the sons, the daughters? How does growing up in a military home impact the rest of their lives?

After my last breakup, I went to a therapist. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I stay happy in a relationship? It didn’t take her long to say something to me that made me change the way I viewed ALL of my relationships -with men, women and family.

Moving so much all my life until I was 18 made it hard for me to learn how to establish long term relationship. I was awesome at making friends. I could talk to anyone. But, I never learned to maintain those relationships for more than a few years. As a result, it was easy for me to make new girlfriends or find a new boyfriend when things got tough. I never learned how to cultivate a relationship that would endure difficult situations. I’d just say goodbye and move on.

Maybe in this current relationship, I am holding on to something that I shouldn’t…..

That turned out to be a little lonely.

On to a lighter subject….
People used to talk about Colorado for the fantastic skiing, hiking, kayaking, camping, etc. But now, we have legalized pot laws. Many people think this is all a huge embarrassment for Colorado. The 4/20 pot holiday the once-underground celebration is now mainstream as the first state that legalized marijuana. Tens of thousands of people participated. One hundred and thirty citations were issued over the two day event. Ninety-two for marijuana. But, it hasn’t stopped people from illegally trying to sell it. It isn’t supposed to be smoked publicly, but you can smell in on every street corner, coming out of peoples car windows. New Jersey’s Governor said they would never legalize it for the money. Our legislators are trying to figure out what to do with all the money the State is now making from increased tax revenue. They say that tourism is booming! Colorado is a beautiful state. I hope people don’t forget about our majestic mountains, almost perfect weather and the small town feel of the City of Denver.

Mimi Sacone
[email protected]
Denver, Colorado

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