I’m giving you control over my life

April 30 2014

Here, take the reins to the last months of my twenties. No, for realz. Play ‘Choose your own Adventure’ with a real person.

I am prepared to leave my job, my city and my friends to live out the path constructed by The Listserve’s collected trail markers. By relinquishing control of my time I want to weave a string of experiences that will connect this group of minds in a way that might change more lives than just my own.

I will create and document this journey that brings The Listserve’s ideas to life. I have a couple months and a couple grand I’m willing to invest in this adventure. Keep this in mind when suggesting hot-air balloon piloting or hiking from Patagonia to Alaska. Otherwise, share the things that move your soul. I want to show how much life can be lived with very little.

In my travels I've been to the Maha Kumbh Mela in India and walked 7km to bathe in the Ganges with millions upon millions of other people. I've been held at gunpoint by government soldiers in Conakry. I've been in love in Borneo and lonely in Peru. Each of these experiences have shaped me into who I am today. My time traveling has been about doing what I want, and now I want to relinquish a portion of my volition to do what you want. Sculpt me.

You will own this time. Give me an experience I cannot find on Google. A destination not on a map. A lesson not in a book. Introduce people without Wikipedia bios. Go beyond the bucket list and send me to the core of the human experience. If it’s not illegal, harmful or going to give me the clap, I’ll do it and share the experience with you on my website. Remember, this all starts with an email from you. I’m waiting. Chop chop.

This is it. This is life. Let’s live it together.


Over four years I traveled to 32 countries as a videographer and documentor for a gonzo composer who calls himself Whatthe Animalssay. He writes, composes and records music from a mini studio packed in his bags. Each album he makes is the product of a particular place and time. Music is only released digitally to avoid using resources. I love not only his music but how he’s chosen to live his life and create his art. He lives his craft and is an endless source of inspiration to me. I hope you take the time to listen to his work on Bandcamp.

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San Francisco

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