April 27 2014

Hi everyone,

I have chosen a whole number between 1 and 200, inclusive.
Please respond once to [email protected] with your guess of my number!
Also include three words in your response if you are able to think of that many.
I will make a beautiful song for each person who guesses correctly by the deadline (23:00 UTC on 4/28/2014). The song will incorporate the words.

I'll post the songs to SoundCloud, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts with username listsurfinusa, and I will announce the number on Monday, April 28 on those sites. I won't publish anyone's email address.

Don't be afraid to look after your health. Go the extra mile to understand where your friends, loved ones, and acquaintances are coming from. Realize when you are wasting time and change it. Be confident because wow I have never met someone so great as you.
Have a wonderful day~~
ミ ͡°◞౪◟ ͡°ミ

[email protected]
Austin, TX

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