Enlarge your peanuts

April 16 2014

1/ What I like to read in Listserve is quick stories about people, so here is mine : My life was a mess, I've been unemployed for years around my 30's, it was really hard for me to get out of this situation because I'm terrible at selling myself. Now my life is still a mess but I've found a good job so it's easier. I like spaghettis.
2/ Stop being selfish, seriously. I might cross your path someday and I don't like selfish people.
3/ I wish I had discovered sooner AFS (American Field Service - it's not what you think, if you think you can guess by the name, or if you think it's somehow related to spaghettis).
4/ When your story isn't interesting, add spaghettis.
5/ If necessary, add spaghettis to spaghettis.
6/ Spaghettis spaghettis spaghettis.

Simeon Rouflaquette
[email protected]

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