Where From Here?

April 13 2014

Hello, my name is Ben Perlmutter. I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in computer science in 2012. I now work in presales for a software company in the Bay Area of California. I have a technical background but I my day-to-day is a sales role. Essentially, I am a sales consultant at Workday.

I am from Big Sur, California. It is a beautiful tourist destination. If you ever go there, you need to stop at my family's restaurant, the Big Sur River Inn.

I went to Cornell University. There I sang in the Glee Club (60 voice male choir) and the Hangovers, the a capella subset of the Club. It was a great experience. Both groups are world class and you should check out our Youtube accounts to get acquainted with our music. Just search the internet or Youtube for Cornell University Glee Club and/or Cornell University Hangovers. You Got a C is a classic Hangovers tune, please check it out.

And my last plug: Check out Sam Breslin. He's the dude singing the solo on the version of You Got a C with 25,000 views. He is an incredible musician and he has an awesome EP. Look him up on Band Camp.

Lastly, I will tell you all that my goal in life is to be happy. For that means raising a beautiful family and being able to provide for them in such a way that they are able to have everything they need to flourish. After all, we are animals right? And isn't the most animalistic idea of life the need to pass on one's own genes? That is what I think life is all about. I want to pass on my genes and give my offspring the best chance to survive.

Lastly lastly, I do not believe in God. I do believe in some greater being. And I know that being is related to the stars and their movements.

Good luck all!

[email protected]
Oakland, California

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