The Entrepreneur Journey

April 11 2014

I am not 100% sure why I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I have a couple of ideas. My grandfather was his own boss, he was a lawyer and managed a bunch of real estate. He was always hustling, even in his late 70s, 80s and didn't really retire. I met a family friend many years ago who told me that my grandfather was the hardest working man he knew. My father is a retired doctor who has been very innovative and creative in his practice. He is well respected around the world by his peers and his patients loved him. He continues to do research, further innovating and pursuing medical discoveries for everyone's benefit. Both my father and grandfather were very hardworking and their work was a big part of their identity.

I've started two companies, one we sold about 10 years ago. I was part of the founding team of another startup before that. I've been in the tech, startup world since the first dot com wave and can't imagine doing anything else or wanting to do anything else.

My current company, Flowboard, is in the process of breaking through and disrupting a huge industry. My and my team's motivation isn't the payday, although that is a welcome outcome.

Our drive is to innovate, make a dent, alter history, create positive change, empower voices and make effective presentations and good storytelling easy and accessible to everyone.

Anyone can have their own entrepreneur journey and I encourage it. But. You need to have a passion for an idea or a product, a belief in yourself and the team you build, and the acceptance that it might fail. You are going to work harder with more sustained and dedicated time and energy than your friends and family who aren't entrepreneurs. They might not understand or relate to you, your journey or mission. Starting a company is not for the faint of heart, but can be so rewarding on so many levels.

Thanks for reading my perspective and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your entrepreneur journey, if you choose to accept the mission.

- Brent
[email protected]
Seattle, WA

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