4 great startup Ideas that I won’t pursue

March 09 2014

Ideas – for free! I don't have the time to develop these, but maybe you do.

I have a running list of 100+ startup ideas that are locked and loaded, but I’ll never be able to execute all of them, so I decided to use this opportunity to share some of my favorites that I won’t pursue with you.

Maybe you feel inspired and start working on one of them. If you do so, please let me know. I’m happy to support and would love to know how they’re going.

1. Device: Ever ran out of battery and didn’t have a charger in reach? What if friends could connect their phone to yours and give you some of their precious battery life to keep it going? Think of this as a device small enough to hang from a keychain. A small adapter that allows you to connect one device to the other and donate power. Is there a better way to connect?

2. App: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could share a playlist with friends that everyone can contribute to real-time? Basically an app that allows everyone in reach to add songs. All contributors see what’s coming and can vote songs up and down in the queue. Perfect for offices and house parties.
And who says DJs wouldn’t use it to get instant feedback from the crowd?

3. App: Get up! A social network that motivates you to get up early in the morning. You can share the time you set your alarm and see which of your friends are still sleeping. In the end, there’s nothing more motivating than knowing that your friends are already getting things done while you’re still snoozing.

4. Mobility concept: There are some great car sharing concepts that are launching in major cities, but they all lack one thing: Reach. Why isn’t there a service that allows users to contribute vehicles? Imagine you could invest in an electro scooter and choose where you want to place it. Whenever someone uses your scooter, you get a cut. The company would only facilitate deals and maintain the vehicles. A city-spanning mobility network could evolve.

I’m a product manager living in New York City and I have big dreams.

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Life is beautiful.

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