It is cold out so lets talk about the heat

February 25 2014

Hey, so I got picked to do the listserve and I was super surprised. I was sitting in my dorm building watching a movie, Step Brothers to be precise, and as soon as I found out I shouted in the middle of the movie to my friend I got picked. All of my friends present were amazed that I was chosen to write an email to so many people!

A little bit of background knowledge on who I am before I get to my story. I am a freshmen at the University of Minnesota and have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am originally from Colorado and I love the state. I wanted to spread my wings for college so I took a tour early fall last year of the campus. I loved it, middle of a city and it had 50,000 students. I couldn’t be happier! (If you can’t tell I love people!) Now onto my story...

So being that I took a tour of the University in early fall it was a nice 50 or 60 degrees out. I assumed it would be getting colder in the Winter but I enjoy the cold so I decided I would buy a new jacket some under armor and call it good. Holy balls was I wrong! I get to the university and find out my dorm room didn’t have AC. This is no problem in January, but when you arrive to the dorms and its close to 100 degrees out that is a problem. One more problem is when you have only heard how cold it gets you don’t really pack a ton of shorts. I was partying the first night with my new roommates, we went outside and I, in all my wisdom, was wearing jeans. The combination of heat, alcohol, and the overwhelmingness of college made me pass out. My roommates saved me before I hit the ground and put me to bed shortly after. I made an instant connection with them and I love living with them now. So kids if you want a good relationship with you roommates almost hurt yourself and make them help you out haha!

That is my favorite warm weather story so hopefully you got a kick out of it. If you guys want to comment on the story I could elaborate or just laugh at your funny comments. Shoot me an email sometime, about anything at all, if I don’t get to many I’ll email you back! Shout out to my friend patrick who is also on the list serve and I will be quizzing to see if he read my email!

Bye you guys!!!!

Dillon D.
[email protected]
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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