Science and Camping

February 23 2014

Much like the rest of you, I had no idea what to initially write about. I thought about writing about what I do for a living, my interests, my hobbies, but all of them seemed pretty monotonous to a large group of people I probably don’t know. So I just decided I would write my favorite quote and my favorite, go-to joke:

Quote: The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…” –Isaac Asimov

This one strikes true to me after being a math major who worked over a year on a lab-based microbiology senior thesis about C. Diff. I found that things never went right when I wanted, and always went right when I least expected. I had a knack of ruining the simplest of experiences, but accidentally coming up with other results that yielded new insights.

Joke: Always remember, camping is intense.

Definitely a go-to, and those who know me well know that I will drop this line randomly on a fairly regular basis.

So if anyone has any interest in science, my senior thesis, camping, or anything else, feel free to respond and strike up a conversation! I promise, I will try to respond in my free time from studying for these god-awful actuarial exams.

Have a good day everyone!!

Zach Suter
[email protected]
Hartford, CT

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