A new turn?

February 15 2014

I received the email about winning the lottery while I was standing on the platform of Oktyabrskaya station of the Moscow Metro. It was 30 minutes past midnight and I was completely shocked by the talk I had had an hour ago. I spoke with my ex-girlfriend about our future, no matter how weird it sounds.

Three years ago we parted and have not said a single word to each other for all this time. She asked me not to call her, and I have not. A few days ago we met almost by accident, talked for a while, went to the cinema and today had a dinner in a restaurant. As we set down to the table she struck me with the following: "I have a boyfriend, I am almost married, but I don’t want to be with him. What do you want from me?”.

Wow, to be honest, this was not a talk I was prepared for. We spoke about career plans, immigration, everyday domestic problems, money, children and treason. She has plans, she wants a stable future, but I cannot say I am ready for all that stuff.

And now I have to make one of the most tough decisions in my life for now: do I want to take a new turn in my life?

Guz Alexander
[email protected]
Moscow, Russia

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